Bill Gordon

Welcome. I am a 50 Plus serial entrepreneur, angel investor, teacher / mentor and connector now based in Portland, Oregon after 20+ years in the NYC area. This website is where I used to write my personal blog to keep friends, colleagues and the world up to date starting in 2013. From 2013 until mid-2016 I used this website to create a series of blog posts about the 50Plus demographic in preparation for launching a new website. That website is 50Plus Nation, which I launched in mid-2016 to help my demographic learn about solopreneurship in light of the financial gap many of us face of outliving our financial plans because of unexpected longevity. Solopreneurship allows us to avoid an ageist job market by monetizing more than 3 decades of life experience, taking it to a hyperconnected world of over 4 billion people on the Web.


Biographical Highlights


Wayne State University - B.S. Biology

UC Berkeley - Ph.D. Zoology (Cellular & Molecular Biology)

Cold Spring Harbor Labs - lab of James Watson - 5 years of Ph.D. + Post-doc research  

Cold Spring Harbor Labs - Mentor and friend Barbara McClintock - urged me to "follow my heart"


MBA Finance - Wharton

Dimensional Fund Advisors - VP

Alliance Capital Management - VP

Quoin Financial Corporation - President

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

WEG Family LLC - President - Managing Partner

*Callahan Associates International - Founding Partner / CFO*

*Tetragenetics - President & CEO / Board Member / Gates Grand Challenge Grant Award winner*

PopTech - Board Member

Stamford Innovation Center - Co-Founder 

CT Innovation Ecosystem - Catalyst

*Lean Launch Ventures - Co-Founder*

School of Visual Arts - Design for Social Innovation - Graduate Faculty @ Large

The Refinery CT - Founding Mentor (accelerator for women-led businesses)

50Plus Nation - Founder


Note: *Investments of WEG Family LLC*


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