Creating serendipity ....

Jessica, Josh and Julie

Jessica, Josh and Julie

I spent Friday and Saturday this week at a truly amazing conference, the Work Revolution Summit (WRS) at the Center for Social Innovation in NYC.  Jessica Lawrence Executive Director of the NY Tech Meetup (NYTM), Julie Clow and Josh Dykstra of Work Revolution, with lots of help from Andy Saldana, organized the gathering. I am a big believer in creating one's own serendipity. WRS for me was true serendipity.

My last real serendipitous conference discovery was PopTech which I found in 2006 and first attended in 2007. PopTech was a real life changing experience. I built lots of amazing relationships with folks like Andrew Rasiej and Cheryl Heller, just to name 2 whose impact is still very current for me. I have just become a Leadership Circle member at NYTM (Andrew is Board Chair there) and joined the faculty at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) to teach entrepreneurship to master's level design students focused on social innovation (Cheryl's program).  Joining the board of PopTech within months of first attending led to an incredible 5+ years helping to build the PopTech Social Innovation Fellows program, PopTech (virtual) Accelerator for social change organizations, the PopTech Science Fellows program and PopTech Labs. On the board I had the privilege of regularly rubbing elbows with folks like John Maeda, WRS speaker on Saturday. 

As soon as I walked in the door of WRS on Friday, I felt it, I just knew - pure palpable serendipity was on tap.  I feel very privileged that I was able to be part of WRS. I sense serious future involvement starting with the working group I joined with Tony Bacigalupo, Tim Hoover, Ryan Janssen, Christine Kovich, Sehreen Noor Ali, CV Harquail, Nate Cooper, Charlene DeCesare and Martha Denton our dedicated scribe for hours on Saturday. I am really looking forward to being part of this tribe. It could well prove to be another life changer.

More reporting on WRS (and other posts) to follow. I have not been a blogger, but in the words of WRS speaker Seth Godin, seconded by his MBA student and keynote closer of the conference Clay Hebert (we met in the first row), I "just had to put something out there" as part of "dancing with the fear".