Alexis Ohanian: Calling all entrepreneurs and startups - we can't let Net Neutrality be stolen!

Alexis Ohanian is calling on the entrepreneurial / tech community to rally against the FCC which is about to kill Net Neutrality - equal rights for all internet traffic - once and for all.


The FCC, apparently bought and paid for like everything and everyone else in DC, is proposing letting Comcast, Verizon and other mega-players become the gatekeepers / toll collectors in cyberspace. The proposed rules would allow them to sell access to the high speed lanes on the web to the highest bidders. If we let them do that, we deserve what we will get, second class citizenship, in cyberspace. The big communication giants will be allowed to openly discriminate and favor big money. 

We cannot let this happen! The web was built on neutrality and needs to stay that way. The FCC hearings on their new rules are on May 15th! 

Contact your congressman and senators and let the voice of the people be heard!