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Keith Teare on Facebook / Whatsapp and the future of social networks

Keith Teare on Facebook / Whatsapp and the future of social networks

Keith Teare writing in his blog Opinionated has written a very compelling piece about the Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp for $19 billion. It is well worth a read. If Teare is right Facebook has entered new territory - the mobile web - where Mark Zuckerberg will be forced to continue to play Whack-A-mole which is going to make it very hard to navigate.

Startup Valley of Death - Keith Teare via Opinionated - a new Newsletter

We have all heard of the Valley of Death but not explained by a guy with the experience base that Keith Teare has.  He currently has 13 portfolio companies being incubated or accelerated at Archimedes Labs but has just hit a major bump in the road with his personal baby,, in spite of quickly amassing over 300,000 users for what is described as "the best of texting, email and social networking, all in one place, on a mobile app".

More serendipity thanks to @DigitalWoman

More self-made serendipity when I attended Nelly Yusupova's @DigitalWoman Build Your Social Media Footprint workshop at ThoughtWorks in NYC yesterday. As I told my fellow attendees on introducing myself, I was the definition of an outlier as the only male with 30+ women who are part of NYCWebGrrls. Luckily they didn't hold that against me.

Creating serendipity ....

I spent Friday and Saturday this week at a truly amazing conference, the Work Revolution Summit (WRS) at the Center for Social Innovation in NYC.  Jessica Lawrence Executive Director of the NY Tech Meetup (NYTM), Julie Clow and Josh Dykstra of Work Revolution, with lots of help from Andy Saldana, organized the gathering. I am a big believer in creating one's own serendipity. WRS for me was true serendipity.